With Utica’s Werkplek in the Cloud you are able to work in your own online environment from anywhere in the world, on almost every type of pc, notebook or tablet. All you need is an internet connection. The computing capacity will be handled for you through the datacenter, which makes the Werkplek in the Cloud’s hardware requirements very low. You can connect by using a web portal or by using a client, which makes it very easy to use.

Werkplek in the Cloud comes with Microsoft RDS User Licences and optional Office Licences at a set monthly fee, which frees you from buying and managing your own licences. With Werkplek in the Cloud, any licences will be upgraded automatically, which allows you to work with the latest software. Licences are user-bound and can be terminated monthly. This will allow you to upscale or downscale with ease anytime you want. Because you use Werkplek in the Cloud as a service, you don’t have to worry about having enough available capacity. Our service center monitors the environment 24/7. We monitor all aspects of Werkplek in the Cloud for availability and speed. Your environment will be scaled up to the capacity you need, without extra costs or other administrative actions; we will take care of creating an as optimally as possible working environment.

Werkplek in the Cloud comes in multiple variations so there’s always one that fits your or your client’s needs.

You can choose from different connection protocols: Microsoft RDS or Citrix. Why choose which protocol?

  • When you’re working through instable connections with high response times, or when you have limited bandwidth, Citrix can be beneficial. For example, think of open Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G/4G connections. Using Citrix will require an extra licence per user.
  • If you working from your office with a stable internet connection, Microsoft RDP will give a stable connection to the environment without any additional licenses or costs.
  • You can’t combine different connection types in 1 environment. Not sure which connection type you need, ask for a demo account or consult your accounrt manager.
  • Regardless of the connection type you choose, the connection between the client and Werkplek in the Cloud will be fully encrypted and signed by third party certificates.